... and you want to try a new programming framework. So you sit down at your computer, and start installing. Like Ruby on Rails, for example. But then: disaster strikes. You already have a version of Ruby, and it's too old. So you upgrade, but it fails.

You try this. You try that.

Eventually, you have your system up and running. But by now, it's time for bed. Your two hours are gone.

No programming for you today. Maybe some other time.


Forget setting up development environments. Want to work with Ruby? Node.js? Python? Apache Server with mysql and php? We've set it all up for you. Just plug in, and start programming.

There are a (very) few prerequisites you need to get up and running. But you only have to install those once. And with those in place, all you have to do is:

$ vagrant init 4x4box

$ vagrant up

And that's it...

Cool. Tell me how to get started.